Women in Construction Week Feature

March 10, 2023

As #WICWEEK2023 comes to an end, we want to take the opportunity to repost about four valuable team members that were also featured in 2022. Alvira, Jennifer, Jessica, and Dede have spent another year providing endless support and knowledge to our leadership and field teams and we want to send out a sincere ‘thank you’ for all they have accomplished this past year! Here is a little more about each of them and their roles within Commonwealth Construction.

Alvira, Environmental & Safety Officer: Early on in Al’s career, she worked for the General Industry, mostly in Manufacturing. She had the opportunity to travel and build power plants and fell in love with construction. As an Engineer, Al enjoyed watching a project come from an idea to eventually a structure. Working in construction has given her a genuine appreciation for trades such as Boiler Makers, Pipe Fitters, Iron Workers, and Carpenters. Working with these trades taught her to appreciate the hard work and dedication our forefathers gave to make this country great. Construction is always a new day and a different day, it is ever-changing and evolving. Her safety role offers a firsthand look at the magnitude it takes to bring all responsible parties together to build a perfect structure. Al never thought that construction would be her passion, but it turns out to be something she considers she does best.

Fun fact – Al is also an amazing chef and baker! Her retirement goal is to publish some cookbooks of some very old, authentic foods from different nationalities.

Jennifer, Jessica, and Dede, Project Coordinators: These ladies are the backbone who assist/support our Project Managers, SVP, and President with tools and admin functions to ensure plans and activities occur and projects stay on time and within budget.

Together, this trio has close to 40 years in the construction industry, specifically with project coordinating.

When asked what has kept them working in construction, they echoed that they enjoy how “construction is fast-paced and ever-changing.” Additionally, they appreciate working for a family-oriented construction company that cares about them being successful in their role and personally.

We are fortunate to have such talented women at Commonwealth and are honored to celebrate them this week!

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