Multifamily Amenities that Should be Considered in Every Development Design

April 28, 2022

When designing and constructing multifamily properties, it is always important to consider what will make your target customer choose your property over others to reside in. There are a few amenities that we have found to be most popular with our residents and also benefit the overall development scope of the project. As new, innovative amenities come on the horizon, these more basic amenities should be considered as a “must” if you want to stay competitive in the market.

Clubhouse/ Community Room

Socializing common areas give residents a large space for personal or community gatherings. Many of our multifamily properties have community events or groups that bring residents together and build camaraderie. Several other properties enable residents to rent out the space for personal use, like a birthday party, which is ideal since the space should be equipped with things such as a kitchenette, sitting areas, and TVs.

Fitness Center

Offering a fitness center that is desirable to different generations can be challenging. Many believe that the “Boomer” generation is still most interested in traditional fitness (such as treadmill walking/running), while younger generations prefer more industrial fitness such as CrossFit, weight-training, and biking. The key here is to design a space that is larger and more multi-functional so it can fit more equipment and accommodate a variety of workout styles.

Business Center

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit America, remote working was at a steady increase. Offering space with common business supplies such as computers, printers, and WiFi, gives residents a great benefit to your community. While many people choose to set up office space in their own homes, the business center provides a space with room to come together to work and/or learn new skills, and also internet and printing access to those individuals who may not have the means to set them up in their own apartments.

Playground/Outdoor Area

Multifamily developments should always include something for the kids, if possible. If there is room inside the building, consider adding a playroom that gives residents dedicated space for their kids to run and play, so they are not doing this in other places that could disrupt other tenants. Additionally, outdoor spaces are also highly desired and add to the overall appeal of the community. A significant benefit is that playrooms and playgrounds have much lower operating costs than other amenities such as fitness rooms and pools.

Storage Space

Keeping in mind that most apartment homes provide less overall space than single-family homes, including ample storage space in your multifamily design is very important. This can include oversized/walk-in closets, storage lockers or rooms, and even spaces dedicated to store specific items such as bike racks. With package delivery on the rise, another storage option to consider is software-controlled delivery systems. This system locks package deliveries when they arrive but is set up so residents can access their packages at any time of the day or night.

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