Commonwealth Celebrates Women in Construction Week

March 11, 2022

As Women in Construction (WIC) Week comes to an end, we’d like to look back on the features of some of our talented female employees that bring so much value to the table! 

First up is our Project Estimator, Nicole Zimpel!

Nicole has held numerous positions over her 20+ years in the construction industry and we love that she is known to “move mountains!” Nicole isn’t afraid to take on (and accomplish!) any task at hand. She has been instrumental in streamlining processes and ensuring that Commonwealth Construction has accurate bid coverage for all phases of our projects.  

When asked what made her interested in the construction industry, she shared,

“My father owned a roofing and siding company, so at a young age, I always asked a lot of questions when I was on the sites… I remember a lot of laughs and jokes from others that were listening to the never-ending questions and funny conversations with my dad. Now, I enjoy all the ideas, dreams, challenges, wins, and most of all, the people in and out of the office I work with to get those ideas, dreams, and challenges done successfully.”

WIC Week highlights the wide range of opportunities available to women in the construction industry and celebrates the women who are thriving in their vital roles. We are lucky to have you, Nicole!

Next, let’s look at our three Construction Project Coordinators – Jennifer Thurwachter, Jessica Sippel, and Dede Compton!
These ladies are the backbone who assist/support our Project Managers, SVP, and President with tools and admin functions to ensure plans and activities occur and projects stay on time and within budget.
Together, this trio has close to 40 years in the construction industry, specifically with project coordinating.
When asked what has kept them working in construction, they echoed that they enjoy how “construction is fast-paced and ever-changing.” Additionally, they appreciate working for a family-oriented construction company that cares about them being successful in their role and personally.
You ladies are rockstars and we thank you and celebrate the vital role you hold here at #CommonwealthConstruction!

Everyone knows that safety is the most important thing on a jobsite. Commonwealth is very fortunate to have Alvira Lickteig as our Environmental & Safety Officer leading the way with environmental and safety protocols, trainings, proper PPE requirements, and signage to ensure that every person who steps foot on a site is set up to be safe and successful.

Al Lickteig

Here she explains how she became so passionate about the construction industry:

“Early on in my career, I worked for the General Industry, mostly in Manufacturing. I had the opportunity to travel and build power plants and fell in love with construction. As an Engineer, I enjoyed watching a project come from an idea to eventually a structure. Working in construction has given me a genuine appreciation for our trades such as Boiler Makers, Pipe Fitters, Iron Workers, and Carpenters, to name a few. Working with these trades has taught me to appreciate the hard work and dedication our forefathers gave to make this country great. Construction is always a new day and a different day, it is ever-changing and evolving. My safety role offers me a firsthand look at the magnitude it takes to bring all responsible parties together to build a perfect structure. I never thought that construction would be my passion, but it turns out to be what I do best.”

Fun fact – Al is also an amazing chef and baker! Her retirement goal is to publish some cookbooks of some very old, authentic foods from different nationalities.

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