Our Team


Melissa Richmond

Vice President - Property Management

Office:  Fond du Lac, WI

Focus: To enhance management capabilities and performance through continual improvement of the human-talent within our team, synergy in the way we work together, and creation of value-added systems and processes that add efficiency and streamline the way we do business.

Experience: Melissa has enjoyed 18 years in the multi-family housing industry. Half of this time was spent working for industry-giant Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO), during the years it was the largest REIT in the nation and part of the S&P 500. She holds an MBA, a BS degree in Accounting and an HCCP designation.

Impressive Facts: Currently, her role of department head has her directly and indirectly overseeing 71 properties with over 4600 units across 12 states, and continues to grow.

Fun Stuff: In her free time, she likes to stay active, spend time with her very large extended family, and engage in volunteer opportunities. She loves biking, exploring new places, and spending time at her family cabin up north.

Commonwealth is an organization that believes in ‘winning’ through collaboration and teamwork. It’s a great culture that creates opportunity and makes work fun.


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Commonwealth has been extremely professional and courteous to the staff and the residents still living in our facility. They exceeded our expectations during the construction project as well as during the renovation of a 1923 school. Both projects have turned out to be beautiful and successful for our community.

Nancy McKenzie, Executive Director , Rhinelander Housing Authority