Our Team


Melissa Busse

Development Manager

Office: Middleton, WI

Focus: Work closely with the VP’s of Development in all aspects/phases of projects, from site location & application to lease-up and conversion. Issuance and compliance of documentation to ensure all deadlines are met with investors, lenders and state agencies throughout the development process.

Experience: Prior to joining Commonwealth, Melissa worked at Wisconsin’s state housing agency (WHEDA) for sixteen years where she was the program coordinator for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. In that capacity, she worked with the agency, state & federal regulators, and developers to ensure all program requirements were met. She was also very involved working on the State’s annual QAP, IRS and Treasury Department audits.  Melissa’s experience working with the state agency in that capacity and now on the development side provides a unique perspective in interpreting the ever-changing program rules and requirements.

Impressive Facts: In a 12 month period, Melissa worked on 16 applications for 6 different states, had 4 closings, and 1 conversion – and never missed one deadline!

Fun Stuff: Melissa’s a big DIY and Pinterest enthusiast, especially if it involves power tools…but only when she’s not at a school sporting event cheering on her two boys!

Commonwealth is belonging to a company that plays an integral part in helping a family not just have a safe & affordable place to live, but a place to call home and make memories…it doesn’t get much better than that!


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Commonwealth has been extremely professional and courteous to the staff and the residents still living in our facility. They exceeded our expectations during the construction project as well as during the renovation of a 1923 school. Both projects have turned out to be beautiful and successful for our community.

Nancy McKenzie, Executive Director , Rhinelander Housing Authority