Our Team


Jorge Aguirre

Vice President - Development

Office: Atlanta, GA

Focus: Locate development opportunities in the southeast, focusing primarily in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina.

Experience: Jorge received dual Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Real Estate from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.  He has spent his entire career working in affordable housing development, working for small firms and some of the largest owners of affordable housing in the country.  While Jorge has been in Georgia for the past four years, he’s also worked in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, West Virginia, and several other states throughout his career.

Impressive Facts: Jorge participated in the financial closing of a 386-unit $90 million LIHTC development in Puerto Rico, considered at the time the single largest 9% transaction in the country.  He also did two summer internships for the Panama Canal and unrelated to those, he drove one of the Panama Canal tugboats when he was younger.  No, he didn’t crash it.

Fun Stuff: Jorge foster dogs, training them to be the best dog they can be until they find a forever home.  He also enjoys traveling, trying to re-learn all the French and Spanish he’s forgotten, and recently picked up photography.

Commonwealth is a catalyst for economic growth in the communities where we build.  Affordable housing supports business growth just as much as it improves our residents’ lives.


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Commonwealth has been extremely professional and courteous to the staff and the residents still living in our facility. They exceeded our expectations during the construction project as well as during the renovation of a 1923 school. Both projects have turned out to be beautiful and successful for our community.

Nancy McKenzie, Executive Director , Rhinelander Housing Authority