Spartan Lofts Named a “Top Project” by the Daily Reporter

May 26, 2023

On May 18th, the Daily Reporter honored 42 outstanding construction projects during its 24th annual Top Projects event. The Top Project award showcases exceptional achievements based on the project’s overall complexity, innovative solutions developed, project success, and value to the community. You may have heard that at the event we also received the “Peoples Choice Award” which was a bonus.

You can click here to read the write-up on Spartan Lofts and here to see other award recipients.

As always, thank you to the numerous people that had a hand in the success of Spartan Lofts. From CDC to M+A to CCC to shared services, there are so many vital roles needed to get our projects from conception to across the finish line. It never gets old to receive positive recognition following all the hard work.

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